Posted by: anniebananie784 | January 25, 2014

I’d like to introduce you to somebody :)

I’d like to introduce you to somebody special that I’ve just met. My sports therapist introduced him to me the other day. We hit it off right away and I think he’ll be a good influence on me – he’s a good listener, supportive and he’ll be someone who challenges me to push my limits. In fact, he made such a good impression on me that I asked him to come over after this first time we met. Time will tell if it’s really meant to be.

Of course, I hope by now your curiousity is peaked and I suppose you’d like to see who he is.

Drum roll…..

Meet my new “chum”, Larry :)


Perhaps not the guy you were imagining. :P Now I hope you had a good laugh at least.

I certainly did after I learned how many new exercises I was going to do using this little balancing ball/cushion. So I gave him a name and got to bring him home for a few weeks. :P Hopefully we can remain friends when all is said and done haha.

à la prochaine !



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  1. Haha. Sister, you’re funny. I hope you and Larry have lots of good times. ;)

  2. Ha!! Did you get to choose his name? lol

    • Yes, I decided his name was Larry haha…not sure why, but it seemed to fit well :P

  3. Maybe you sports therapist can keep his name when he returns and then visits new friends! lol

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